Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Group Film concept work

Some of my contributions to the earlier concept stages of our 3rd year group film.

"Lion of Oz" Storyboard Assignment

A storyboarding assignment, in which we had to take a segment of a film script for "Lion of Oz" and do our own storyboard for it, based on the layout and character models we were given. No one particularly enjoyed Ozbul.

Royal Winter Fair 2012

Life drawings from the Royal Winter Fair Trip for Lifedrawing, First Semester.

This is the finished layout for my Action Analysis. It was hand-drawn on several overlapping sheets of paper, first in pencils and then inks. I then coloured it digitally in Photoshop.

Animation Year 3: "Action Analysis" Assignment

These are the early concept work for the "action Analysis" Sheridan assignment, which we had in first semester.